Purchase Loans

What you need to know:

 When making an offer on a home you want to have the upper hand in negotiating. Ensuring that you have been pre-approved for maximum buying power will allow you to be confident in your ability to make an offer on your dream home.  It will also show the seller that you are prepared, and they do not need to worry about your ability to afford the home and close without complications. 

To become pre-qualified, please submit an online application or call (480) 363-0218 to take one by phone.

 As both a Mortgage Bank and Mortgage Broker, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation and I have the capabilities to expand our products and search for the best possible rates and provide a top level of service.


Most commonly done by paying off your current mortgage, here are some reasons you may want to:

  • You currently pay PMI/MIP and you have enough equity now to get rid of it
  • You are looking to take cash out of your equity for home improvement, debt consolidation, invest etc....
  • You have a higher than current market interest rate and you'd like to save some money on your loan
  • You are accustomed to making the minimum payments but want a shorter term loan to pay off the mortgage quicker
  • You are splitting up with your significant other and need to take sole possession of the loan/ home